The world's flower boy Oh Sehun

Chanyeol be creepin’ on you…

despite going through the massive crowd, getting pushed and hit

Sehun still tried his best to maintain that smile on his face

Anonymous asked: why do you think hunhan drifted apart?

there can be a lot of different reasons that are plausible depending on how you want to look at it. 
many believe they  became aware of the whole shipping thing and started getting awkward with each..
i personally dont think that they have,at least not privately. i guess they just avoid interacting in public but theyre still close friends:) 

Overdose - [M/V] Teaser.

Because this month is April…
Anonymous asked: remember when you had English songs on your pl laughs

heckYES I DO my blog debuted with these

i might give them a comeback but im not sure hehE

the hard life of luhan


classy and sassy

Anonymous asked: sadly, there's no hunhan those days, they're not like they used to be! luhan's now with xuimin and sehun with tao!

i guess thats true!!and i gotta admit i envy taohuns and xiuhans friendship a lot„they make me really happy but!!! hunhan make me wanna curl up in a fetal position and roll down the mount everest((theyre my heart

(ཀ _ ཀ) ♡



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