happy birthday, osh, exo’s baby

"Your smile is so sweet that i could get diabetes."

— Xiumin’s message to Sehun (via baek-potatao)
not sure if he’s cold or nervous.

miranda kerr’s personally handwritten birthday message for sehun (noonaplanet knew someone who asked miranda to write a message)

13 Days→Sehun’s Birthday: Best of Sehun in EXO’s First Box

Sehun's Birthday countdown Graphics; D-6 ♡ 
Handsomeness Level

there are two kinds of people 

Anonymous asked: Are you still dieting?

no,not anymore:)

Anonymous asked: hey hamy. your letter to sehun was so cute, it touched my heart. sehun is very lucky to have a fan like you. good job hamy<3

im gonna tear up h H HHthh thtTthank you s o much;_;

the members stopping time for sehun