sehun is a wonderboy.

| 13/09/24 | (≧◡≦)⚐

turtlehun: I'M READING YOUR TAGS ON THE 90:2014 THING AND SERIOUSLY I'M FREAKING OUT BY MYSELF, LIKE... MY TAGS ARE ESSAYS OF RAGE. I'm so mad right now, why is he like this. WHY does he do this to people. Does he know? I don't think he does... or maybe he does... How does he do adorable and attractive at the same time so flawlessly you can hardly tell the difference anymore. I'm having a few moments right now.

o hym god!!!trust me my friend„„, i feel you….on so many different levels of frustration and anger… …. 

sometimes i think god sent us sehun from above to test us human beings.… ..and we’re failing miserably. .…wow