sehun is a wonderboy.

| 13/09/24 | (• 3 •)

Anonymous: do you think sehun got surgery? (just be honest please. i honestly don't think he got anything done but some people are saying he did)

honestly i think sehun was blessed with a++ genes in the first place and he was just born really gorgeous boy that never grew out of it.

you can look up his predebut pictures on google and compare the different stages of his face, i dont think he had anything done to his face that can be considered a drastic surgery.

if he got done something then only his double eye lids„i think they made the crease bigger or more prominent,but thats about it:)

Anonymous: Have u seen sehun new ig where he took pic with 2 mixed kids?He looks like he is their brother

.… .yes i was out with my friends studying for structural design when when i saw that picture popping up on my feed„„„you have n o  idea how haRD IT WAS FOR ME TO NOT SQUEAK LIKE AN OLD ASS RUSTY SHOPPING CART….and yes i agree with you, he really does look like he could be their big brother</333

Anonymous: I got my die jungs today. and i swear Sehun looks like a white boy in some pictures


he does look to me at least 39,5% white in every 5th picture.. . …..i just cant figure out what facial features are responsible for this look!!! his high nose bridge??? his eyes???hair??i just dont know!!