#happychenday! happy birthday to my sweet cutiepoop, jongdae! thank you for your smile that can make any pain go away and for your voice that no angel can compete with. remember that you’ll always be my brightest star ❤ 

A Jamming/smiling Kai during “Machine” performance (x)

140921 oohsehun: 펑키첸.종대형 생일축하해 사랑해 형이 짱이야 !!

FunkyChen.Jongdae hyung happy birthday, I love you, hyung you’re the best !!


Inseparable Xiuhan (for birthday angel Elise ♡ ) 

Anonymous sent : hamy do you ever get unfollow when you reblog female idols???????? my blog is 0,0000005% kpop girl groups but I still get unfollowed everytime i reblog them :'(

yes i get unfollowed quite often for doing that but who the heck cares??????? its my blog and i love my girls B)))))
you shouldnt worry about unfollowers„„if they’e leaving because youre posting about things that you like and enjoy then it shouldnt bother you:)heh